Monday, 22 July 2013

Rewrites - The Old Guard

Funny, I've not really written anything in the last year or so, and then the writing bug hits me. I've tried reworking some of The Old Guard and the more I do, the more it feels I could do something bigger with the story. Fingers crossed! :-)

The Old Guard
  1. The Plan
  2. Death Clock
  3. Electronic Head Punch
  4. Exports
  5. Tick Tock
  6. Recall
  7. Awakening
  8. Crash
  9. The Never Land
  10. Epilogue 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Old Guard : Epilogue

The fishing boat bobbed along the dark sea, its guttural engine pushing it forward in grunting steps. It weaved its way pass the broken harbor wall and up to the dock. A few people got off, mainly islanders visiting the mainland for supplies. Talk and tinny pop music washed over them as people milled around the pub and stalls of the nearby market.

A young women climbed over the side and took to the land on new legs. Chips of frosty stone crunched under her shoes as she walked away, her canvas travel bag tapping against her back. There were slight aches and pains. Not from age or injury, but recovery and under use. There had not been much room for exercise while under the ocean. Maiken smiled, feeling the twinge of muscles in her new face. It felt like she had been laughing too much. Her body was almost completely new. The cells had been scrubbed clean and faults fixed. If she was careful, she could live to a very good age.

That old devil, the infernal brain crab, was fixed to a false brain somewhere in the submarine. It would be studied and a better way to cheat its probing claws would be found. After all those years, she was finally rid of it. The smile grew and a breeze caught her now ash blonde hair, swirling it around her face. She brushed it away and wondered what to do next. She had money, funds that she'd kept hidden deep within the world's networks.

Above her, gulls circled in the icy drafts, cawing loudly and riding the wind. The air smelt of salt and the sweet tang of ozone, but more than anything, it carried freedom.

The Old Guard - 9 : The Never Land

Maiken blinked and the forest was gone. Instead, she stood in a large ornate room. The window in front of her was long, the glass imperfect. Outside, a rolling turf garden slunk from the house and spread out lazily across small hills, before stopping by a stout copse of trees. A gentle breeze blew through the hall and she paused to marvel at the quality of the new stim. Raising a hand, she touched the pale wooden panelling that encompassed the old fashioned room. Turning her hand over, she twirled her fingers. Whatever scan they had used, it was pre-arrest. They were pale and slender, not the worn and broken digits she sported in the real world.

"We thought you may prefer one of the classics." Tome's voice echoed in the room. The machine intelligence's aura grew brighter, the brilliance caught in the sheen of the paint.

"Austen?" Maiken offered, turning to face the MI. She felt the material brush her bare leg as she did. The consensus could be so perfect when it wanted to be.

"Pemberley," Tome answered, drifting towards her. "A place that never existed, in a realm that does not exist..."

"...for a person who no longer exists?"